DHA Fortified Eggs

Nature has given various species of algae with some amazingly useful properties.

Martek Biosciences Corp which was founded in 1985 has been the world leader in discovering these properties and developing their nutritional applications.

Algae are in a separate kingdom in nature and, have many biochemical pathways distinct from plants, animals, fungi and bacteria. Martek believes that algae represent a virtually untapped genetic resource that can be screened for a variety of applications to greatly benefit human health. Martek maintains a library of more than 3,500 live microalgal species and a related database, which are among the largest suchresources available in the world.

Discovering DHA.

Martek’s founding group studied the beneficial use of algae in long-term space flight, and later identified a strain of algae that is a naturally high producer of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid that plays a key role in infant brain and eye development and adult health. Martek then developed and patented two fermentable strains of algae that produce oils rich in DHA. DHA is an important nutritional ingredient that is now included in hundreds of products around the world.

In 2009, Martek was inducted into the Space Foundation’s Hall of Fame. The Space Foundation, in cooperation with NASA, honors organizations and individuals who transform technology originally developed for space exploration into products that help improve the quality of life here on Earth. Martek is one of just a few dozen technology companies that have been inducted since the Hall of Fame was founded 20 years ago.

Making life’sDHA™.

The amazing DHA-producing algae is grown in large stainless steel fermentors commonly used in the pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industries. Produced under current Good Manufacturing Practice (“cGMP”) regulations, from start to finish, the process is completely controlled. The result is life’sDHA, a clear, amber-colored oil rich in DHA. And because Martek does not extract its DHA from fish, a dietary source of DHA, there is no worry of ocean-borne contaminants. Interesting Note: most people believe that fish produce their own DHA when, in fact, it’s the algae in their food chain that makes them a rich source of DHA.

life’sDHA in the marketplace.

life’sDHA is used to fortify a wide range of foods, beverages and dietary supplements and is added to over 95% of U.S. infant formulas. The algae can also be dried prior to DHA extraction, resulting in a dry microalgae flake used specifically for animal feed supplementation. Adding the DHA-rich algae to animal feed is an effective way to enrich foods such as meat, eggs and milk.

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